Testing Center
    Inspection Body
    Certification Body

Testing Body

SteelCERT offers technical testings as an independant Third Party as far as the testing of welding connections, supporting structures (according to EN 1090) and damage analysis is concerned.

Inspection Body

The Inspection Body tests welding and cutting procedures, materials, products and processes. Moreover, the Inspection Body checks if all features are in accordance with the requirements and subsequently reports all results from the inspection to the customer.

Certification Body

The certification of products and persons is a procedure which ensures that the specified requirements consisting of standards and other normative documents are complied with. The Certification Body for persons tests persons based on certain objective criteria.

Industry know-how and practical orientation

As experts for the industrial sections of steel construction, rail vehicle construction, pipeline construction, plant construction and mechanical engineering we work for international groups as well as for small and medium-sized companies. We work in all those areas where practical experience, technical know-how and quick action are necessary – from a simple steel construction to a nuclear plant.

Trust and reliability are basic requirements for a sustainable cooperation with our customers. If you are faced with professional challenges and looking for a reliable and competent partner, do not hesitate to contact us!

Check the certificate online with QR-Code

The certificates from SteelCERT are equipped with a QR-Code. As a consequence, the validity of the certificate can be checked online!

Qualified authentication of electronic signatures at https://www.signaturpruefung.gv.at/.

For questions about the validity of a certain certificate please just call us (contact).