• Inspection Body

What makes an inspection?

The Inspection Body tests welding and cutting procedures, materials, products and processes. Moreover, the Inspection Body checks if all features are in accordance with the requirements and subsequently reports all results from the inspection to the customer.

Examples of the application of inspections

  • Periodic inspections (legislator takes the user / operator in the duty)
  • Decrease (private agreement between supplier and customer)
  • Appraised (private or court-mandated activities)

Qualification of Welding Procedures

  • Procedure* according to EN ISO 15614-1, -2, -7, -12
  • Preliminary welding procedure specification* EN ISO 15613
  • Application of standard welding procedure according to EN ISO 15612
  • Available welding experience EN ISO 15611
  • Application of inspected fi ller metal EN ISO 15610
  • Procedure for welding of reinforced steel according to EN ISO 17660-1
  • Arc stud welding of metallic materials according to EN ISO 14555
  • Brazing according to EN 13134

*In according to AD 2000 resp. EN 13445-4


  • Quality of thermal cutting according EN ISO 9013
  • Tensile test on double T-joint and on lap joint according to EN ISO 9018
  • Parts approval
  • Valuation from experts