• Certification Body
    for Persons

Why use certified staff?

As far as the industrial sectors for steel construction, rail vehicle construction, pressurized equipment, pipeline construction and mechanical engineering are concerned the use of qualified and certified welders, operators and brazers is obligatory.

SteelCERT GmbH offers the following certifications:

  • Steelwelder acc. EN ISO 9606-1*
  • Aluminiumwelder acc. EN ISO 9606-2*
  • Coperwelder acc. EN ISO 9606-3*
  • Nickelwelder acc. EN ISO 9606-4*
  • Titanwelder acc. EN ISO 9606-5*
  • Welder of reinforced steel acc. EN ISO 17660-1
  • Operator and setter of welding connections acc. EN ISO 14732*
  • Brazer EN ISO 13585, EN 14276

*In according to AD 2000

Why additionally
qualifying certified staff?

The steel construction, rail vehicle construction and pipeline construction industries have special requirements regarding the manual skills of a welder. This additional qualification is proof of the operational skills of this welder for the respective sectors.